The Truth About Kratom

Now that we’ve closed, the truth can come out…

Back before we ever talked about opening Green House Kratom, I remember I wouldn’t even give Kratom a try because I was afraid of how addictive it might be. Even after Jessica told me everything she knew about it, I still had to do a lot of research for myself before I felt comfortable sampling it myself. And I mean a lot of research. And even after doing all that research, I think I still had a bit of a skewed understanding of the addictiveness of it and how it might make someone feel; because most of the purely science oriented research out there has been written by people who do not have a lot of first hand experience with taking Kratom or get to know many subjects who take Kratom for a specific reason, so they never attain a more global perspective of it and can not really write about it in that sense.

The reality about Kratom, which I find to be true for myself and for most people, based on research that follows, and experience is this: Kratom is about as safe as any other food item available out there on the market, and only about as addictive as coffee (however there may be reasons it could be somewhat more addictive to some people, particularly for those who use it to relieve pain, but that has not yet been well studied). To a normal person, about 2-3 grams of Kratom (about 1-2 teaspoons) may have you feeling a little energetic, like coffee or kava, or may cause you to have a cozy flushing feeling come over you, like when you start to warm up after being outside in the freezing cold for a long time. Or perhaps like taking a Niacin tablet without the itchiness. The amount to take may vary, some people take 10 grams regularly. Everyone has a threshold however, and if they take more than that threshold, they may very likely feel nauseous, dizzy, and may possibly throw-up. So it is definitely not recommended to take very much Kratom the first time you try. Thus it is recommended to start with a small dose (1-2 grams) and work up to an amount that works best for you.

Most people who use Kratom take it to alleviate chronic pain, or to help come off of an opioid addiction because it helps alleviate some of the lingering withdrawal pains such as “restless legs” and headaches.  It does not alleviate all types of pain, but it certainly works in many cases.

Here, I should also give warning that there are some other drugs that have demonstrated some cross interactions with Kratom and that have lead to a couple of deaths in a relatively small number of situations; I have noted those in my research below, which also contains a lot of other important information about Kratom, including other known cross drug interactions, other health effects, what else Kratom is used for,more specifics regarding how it should be taken, some history, etc.  So if you don’t want to read anything else we have posted, please at least read this:

    Kratom Research:   

And to supplement that, here is  information regarding the laws regulating Kratom in the U.S.:

    Kratom Legal Status:

Here is a great story about how important kratom has been for us and how we got involved with it in the first place:

    Introductions (To Us and to Kratom):

Here is our perspective of Kratom Farming after visiting Indonesia:

    Kratom Farms in Indonesia:

Here is our version of the original Botanical description of Kratom translated from Latin.

    Scientific Description of Kratom:

Here is our analysis of the current problems with the FDA and the US laws that govern it:

    Qualms with the Law and the FDA

Here is a brief description of what kratom businesses are going through and why we have closed:

    What Green House Kratom has Endured

Here is the official announcement of our permanent store closing,  and sort of a goodbye:

    Final Store Closing Announcement:

It is important to note that we were not able to disclose most of the information above until after we were certain we would not be reopening.

So sad, and so sorry.

Hopefully this information will help change the general public opinion of Kratom though. I suspect that someday the laws will change, and better sources will become available. But until then, please spread good tidings…