Customs Withholding Kratom

You may have already noticed that several of our products have been marked as “Temporarily Out Of Stock”. This is because our last expected shipment of kratom was blocked from entering the country by the U.S. Customs Agency according to FDA issued Import Alert 54-15.

Other kratom vendors have also been experiencing similar problems.

What are we doing about it?

We are currently working with DHL customs specialists to set up an import account which should put us in a better position to be able to contest issues that arise with customs in the future. We are also doing our best to make sure we are in compliance with all applicable laws in order to improve our chances of having Customs admit our packages.

Unfortunately, this whole process has taken more time than we would have liked; it has already taken two weeks to set up the DHL account, almost a month of waiting for a response from customs before that as to why our last package didn’t arrive, and another week or so before that, for our supplier to ship the package.

At this point, we should disclose that our kratom reserves are running extremely low and we do not yet have an expected date for the next shipment to arrive. We are working hard to make that date come as soon as possible however.

If you would like to be proactive and do something to help kratom vendors like us be able to continue to receive regular supplies of kratom from overseas, we suggest visiting learning about what you can do to help, and leaving a donation. From what we have seen, these guys do good work, they fight to keep kratom legal and accessible in the U.S., but don’t take our word for it, check them out for yourself.

And to learn more about the Import Alert 54-15 and the laws that govern kratom in the United States, visit our about page here.

Thank you for all your support and understanding, and if we don’t have something available in our store for you right now, please check back in the upcoming weeks and hopefully we will have resolved these supply chain issues by then.


Damian Green


3 thoughts on “Customs Withholding Kratom

  1. Hi. I read the information about your product being held up in customs. Im not sure how long that notice has been up and Im new to your company so I havent followed on social media. I was wondering how close you are to receiving your order? I appreciate your time and cant wait t place an order with you!

    • Thank you for your enthusiasm Nicole.
      We are excited about our Kratom too!
      Unfortunately Kratom is proving to be very difficult to import into the United States right now.

      The short answer to your question is: I don’t know how long exactly it will be before we will have our supply replenished, I suspect another week at least, probably more…
      The longer explanation is: We have finally just gotten a quote from DHL Import services to have a new shipment sent (which is very expensive by the way, much more than the kratom itself). Tonight (morning in Indonesia) we will attempt to make arrangements with our favorite supplier (of our Choice kratom products) to get the shipment into the hands of DHL. But our supplier lives and works deep in the forest of the more scarcely populated Island of Kalimantan; as opposed to the more populated Island of Java where Jakarta and the international airport are. Our shipment will first have to travel about 4-6 hours to the nearest coastal town, then be put on a ship for another 4 hours before it arrives in Jakarta and can be taken to the DHL hub. From there it will be shipped by air freight to the US, where it will sit in a customs wherehouse until they have a chance to process it. Now that we have a DHL Import Account, Customs is supposed to contact us if they find any issues with the content of our shipment. (Without an “Import Account”, the shipment belongs to the shipper, and in the past Customs has just returned the shipment to the country of origin.) If customs decides there is an issue, we will probably then have to prove that our marketing of the product is fully compliant with the laws of the US. I suspect it will be up to a judge to make that decision. But unlike some other kratom vendors out there, we are paying close attention to these volatile laws and we have done everything we can to be compliant, because we know how important it is to maintain an abundant supply of kratom in the US. For you and for everybody.

      So again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We are doing everything we can at the moment (we have even been considering flying over there ourselves to bring some back with us, but that is accompanied with another set of issues). We are also considering purchasing some from another vendor within the US temporarily, but many of our loyal customers would not particularly like the inconsistency of product; so we trying to stay focused on attaining what we know everybody likes.

      Sorry this reply is a little long winded, but I hope it explains the situation a little better and helps to answer your question.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Damian Green

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