Final Store Closing Announcement:

We at Green House Kratom are very sad to say that we are closing our store permanently because we have been flagged by the FDA and as long as the FDA Import Alert 54-15 is in effect, we will continue to have trouble bringing product into the United States.

Actually, we closed our store back in June, with an announcement and reasons posted then<a href=”post/store-closing-announcement”>(here)</a>, but at the time we weren’t sure if we would be able to reopen or not. Now we are certain that we can not.

But there is a positive side: Now that we no longer sell Kratom, we can finally discuss openly all the truths we know about Kratom that we had not been able to share before due to FDA regulations on businesses. We want to say: Yes, Kratom is for consumption! It’s an amazing plant that provides a great natural alternative to a lot of problematic prescription opiates.

And before I share all our information I’d just really like to say thank you to everyone who has been so kind to us in our endeavors. Your words have impacted us in a significant and profound way, and it helps to reinforce in our minds how important it is for us to stay involved and keep helping to educate the public about this great plant.

My hope is that providing my complete collection of research here will help to educate people about Kratom, it’s potential, help reduce risks, mitigate myths, and improve the potential for it’s ease of availability within the United States and around the world, so we have put together a new collection of research and information about kratom available below.:

    The Truth About Kratom:

And if you are interested, it also contains the story of how Kratom has affected us, and the reasons we are closing; included below for your convenience.

Here is the story of how we became involved with Kratom and started this business:

    Introductions  (to Us and to Kratom):

Here are some of our qualms with the U.S. laws and what we think should be done about them:

    Qualms with US. Laws and the FDA:

Here is what we have been through to get us to this point:

    What we have Endured:


What’s Next?

Jessica and I of course will continue to pay close attention to the Kratom scene. We will return to to the forum to answer questions and will follow and support such organizations as the American Kratom Association (

We have decided however to close this store and focus on new endeavors. Jessica will be working on finishing her Nutrition Degree and writing posts and helping people with a new blog called (It needs some work though).  I will be working on developing some new bottles that fit well inside USPS Flat Rate Shipping Boxes. It may not sound that interesting at first, but a Patent for the bottles is already pending and the new website will be up and running in just  few short days, and we are excited because we have found some great new opportunities. But we have a lot of work ahead of us so please forgive us if we are not 100% attentive to this site…

But we intend to keep this site active, not as a store, but as a blog to help educate people about Kratom and it’s potential.

And who knows, if the FDA ever retracts Import Alert 54-15 or laws change, maybe we will try again as another company, but until then, many thanks for all your kind words and support.


Damian and Jessica Green

Jan. 12, 2016

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