Introductions (to Us and to Kratom):

Who we are:

To introduce Kratom, I’d like to start with a little story about us, and how we first got involved.

Many many years ago now, my wife Jessica (who, then, was not my wife) found herself, like so many others, with an extreme opioid addiction, something that she has now managed to escape, but not after a long and arduous battle. When she first decided it was time to quit, she voluntarily did it cold turkey. I don’t want to go into the details, but there was nothing pleasant about it. But that wasn’t the end of it…

Shortly thereafter, we moved to another city to get away from her old connections. 3 months after that, she still remained opioid free, but her mind was not free yet from the grip it had on her. Her cravings were extreme, her anxiety levels through the roof, she still had crazy headaches, painfully restless legs, terrible nightmares, and strange delusions of reality,  and there was no telling whether she would still be there when I would come home from work each day. We both knew we had to do something, but we didn’t know what…  We tried going to group NA meetings, and counseling, and considered a lot of different possibilities before we decided to check into a Methadone clinic. I am now certain that if we had known about Kratom then, it would have suited her perfectly, and we would not have needed to check into that Methadone clinic, and it would have spared us several years of agony.

The Doctors at the methadone clinic, I believe, were also unaware of Kratom, and so recommended for her to start Methadone treatment immediately.

It came as a strange sort of relief. The Methadone levels never seemed to be quite right for her, and the medicine never lasted long enough. Her dosage kept going up and up, and she never really had very much control over how she was going to feel on any given day. I’m not going to go into all the details of all the horrible things about Methadone treatment systems now, but I will say that we were not very well informed about the consequences of starting that treatment when we did. I wish I could have known how difficult it would be to quit, how torturous it would be if she missed a day on accident, how it would make her fall asleep standing up in the middle of the day or while driving, how terrible it would be for her health, how it would affect her metabolism and organs (it tends to make you put on a lot of weight), and how much control the clinics would have over our lives. “Liquid Handcuffs” Methadone is often called, and with good reason! Perhaps the treatment is not as bad for some, but for Jessica, and many other patients we talked to, it was a torturous life.

Anyway, after years of Methadone treatment, Jessica could see it impacting her health and quality of life, and knew that as painful as it would be, she needed to get free from the Methadone and escape the control of the clinic. It was only then, after scouring the internet for alternative programs and possible options that might help her deal with the withdrawal and residual pains that she knew would come from quitting, that she found mention of Kratom as being something that could possibly help with her “restless legs”. At first she was skeptical, and I was even more so. Quick searches on the internet seemed to reveal that Kratom may have had as many problems as it had benefits, and it wasn’t until later that we learned the real truth about Kratom…

After several painful months of an expedited taper off  of Methadone, Jessica amazingly got down to a level where she could switch to Subboxone/Subbutec by which she then tapered off that over the course of another month and a half. But the last little stretch was one of the most difficult periods for her to have to endure. The last couple of days of the Subboxone were agonizing and she began taking Kratom at that point. But withdrawals are crazy strong, and so it is rather questionable whether the Kratom was really strong enough to help relieve any pain during that time or not. But after a few days had passed, it was clear to Jessica that the Kratom was helping to relieve the lingering headaches and leg pain. Frankly, I didn’t believe that it was so effective at first, but as a little more time passed, I too began to recognize what the Kratom was actually doing for her. She very soon began smiling and behaving like her normal jovial self she is today. And just like that, Jessica was in complete control of her life again, after so many years.  

A few more years later, Jessica still takes a small amount of Kratom every day. She is healthy, and fit, beautiful, smart, and as lovely as ever… Did I say wonderful and amazing?

She has certainly inspired me to help spread the word about Kratom and how it might be able to be used to help others overcome the same difficult struggle.

And soon after we started to recognize what Kratom was capable of, Jessica and I began learning more about it and eventually started this business in attempt to make it available to people across the country. Unfortunately, there were already a lot of unscrupulous vendors who had come before us looking to make a quick buck and had already tarnished the name of Kratom in many respects and so, of course, the FDA had decided to step in, and in turn, that is what has caused us to step out.

I suppose I should also mention that I too like to take it occasionally, just for recreational purposes. There are very few recreational users out there that post about it, so I thought I should share here. When I take it, I have no pain that I need for it to cover up, so for me it is very much like drinking a cup of coffee. I don’t particularly care for the flavor much, but it gives me a little bit of a cozy warm feeling that is especially nice when working on my computer. If I take too much though, like most people, I get a nauseous feeling that I really don’t like much, so I keep my doses under 3g.

And to close this introduction, we were awe stricken by the stories we were told by our customers once we opened our store. We began to witness how much of an impact Kratom has had on the lives of all of our customers, all for the better, and we appreciated all of it. But until better information about kratom in this country surfaces, we find ourselves stuck behind closed doors.

C’est La Vie

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  1. Thank you for sharing your inspirational stories! Very accurate of the WHOLE STORY and the long road back. I’m glad you made it-together!
    Loved your store, loved making new friends through ongoing healing. Peace!

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