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Today is Friday, June 26 2015 and we are announcing officially that, as of today, we are taking what is left of our product off the market. We will be closing up shop until either FDA Import Alert 54-15 is lifted, or until we win a civil court case in contest with the FDA for their seizure of a significant amount of our Kratom that we have been trying to import.

So why are we closing?

Well, we have found ourselves in a difficult position. We have had repeated trouble importing Kratom in the past few months, we have very little Kratom left, and we fear that it has become too risky for us to continue to try to import it from our favorite suppliers any further. Last Monday, however, I had an entirely different statement I was prepared to give. I was under the impression then that the FDA seizure was final and we had somehow missed our opportunity to contest it. We were then ready to close the store permanently. Just yesterday however, we received word that we do still have an opportunity to Petition the seizure and so we recognize that there is still one small shining light at the end of this long tunnel. Thus, we have decided to contact a Customs Attorney who is experienced with matters of Kratom and intend to progress this case to the end, expensive as it may be, because we know that if we win, it will serve as a precedent for us to be able to resume importing Kratom again regularly with less risk. But until then, we dare not risk losing any more shipments.

It really all boils down to the FDA overstepping their bounds because of bad policy that ultimately led to Import Alert 54-15 which will continue to cause problems for Kratom vendors until it is retracted. There are a lot of problems with the FDA and there is a lot we would like to say about that, but as long as there is still a possibility that we may be able to re-open our store, there are some things that we just can’t talk about yet because of the implications it might have on our angle for marketing this product. If, after this case, we decide to close permanently, I promise we will bare all then.

Anyway, while we continue forward with this case, and while our doors are closed, we intend to take this opportunity to begin developing a second store called Green House Naturals. We have already bought the domain name, but we have a lot of work to do to build the new website, to find new natural products that are not under such scrutiny by the FDA, and to come up with all new packaging and labeling for these products. We have many ideas and new connections in Indonesia and we are fairly certain that the new store will be a success, but Green House Kratom will always be our first born and will continue to have a big place in our hearts whether we can re-open it or not.

We know how important Kratom is and we will continue to support such organizations as the American Kratom Association ( and will continue to pay close attention to the Kratom scene. If you want to contact us, we’ll still be here.

Thank you all for your kindness and support,
Damian and Jessica Green
June 26, 2015

5 thoughts on “Store Closing Announcement

  1. Damian & Jessica,
    Good luck with your case against the FDA & your new store GreenHouse Naturals. I look forward to being able to purchase products that interest me from your new endeavor. Take care and keep up the good fight!

  2. Hello,

    This is Jason from Phoenix and I was there from the early days.
    After trying 10+ websites and other sources I was so happy that I found you guys. I really really hope everything works out. You have always been professional with excellent product at awesome prices.
    In the meantime I’m looking forward and curious for the new website to get up and running .
    It’s always a pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to doing other business with you in the future. Take care,


  3. Just a note of support for you all at the Green House!
    Hope you win this civil suit quickly and resume your business and thrive!

  4. Blessings to you. You have justice and nature on your side. Looking forward to having your service again soon 🙂 Peace love and health

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