Web Host Latency

Web Host Latency – 3/20/2015 – If you’ve experienced latency issues with this website over the past week or so, the culprit was likely caused by a MySQL issue happening to many sites being hosted at GoDaddy. It has taken a week, and the problem is better, but still the site seems to be loading slower than before. This has been a major problem for us and we are considering changing hosting companies because of this interruption.  We had been scheduling some site upgrades during this time but these latency issues have caused caused them to be pushed back. Over the course of the next week or two we will be examining our site and may attempt to implement some upgrades. If you experience any difficulties with your shopping experience, please call us at 623-205-8857, or send us an email at help@GreenHouseKratom.com, or try back later. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate…

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